The Ponzol Store

” I have been in the mouthpiece business since 1985. You can imagine how many odds and ends I have accumulated in so many years. Some are prototypes, some are discontinued models, some are models that never went into production, etc. For example I have some of the Vintage Hard Rubber mouthpieces from 10 years ago that were never sold. My dear late friend Michael Brecker gave the name of the drawer full of Ponzol mouthpieces he had, “The Ponzol Store”, so in his memory I am calling this part of my web site exactly that. I do not make direct sales of current mouthpieces direct to players but these mouthpieces are available to all at special prices. I do a lot of clinics, workshops and trade shows and the mouthpieces used at these events can not be sold as new to dealers as they have been played and some might have minor scratches, etc. As the inventory is constantly changing, it would be too difficult to list this on my web site, so please email me: Peter Ponzol for a current list of what’s available. If there is a particular Ponzol mouthpiece you are looking for please let me know, you might get lucky.