As most of you know, I was one of the first to offer aftermarket necks as an upgrade for most saxophones way back in 1997. During my time with Buffet Crampon and Keilwerth, a total of 13 years, I had the opportunity to experiment with many different neck designs. The saxophone neck is as important as the flute head joint, but is often overlooked my most saxophonists. I sold hundreds of necks between 1995 and 2008. After 2008 I was simply too busy to continue offering the necks. Ten years later I still get requests for necks, so I am very happy to introduce the new Peter Ponzol neck for alto and tenor. This neck is gold lacquered and will fit most saxophones that are Selmer influenced, which includes most saxophones on the market today. They will fit Keilwerth altos but not Keilwerth tenors. The outside dimension of the tenons are:
Alto: 24.45mm
Tenor: 27.45mm
Your repair person can adjust the tenon for a perfect fit in the event that the fit is not perfect. Since I don’t have your saxophone here I have no way of knowing if the distance from the octave key yoke to the body pin is the same as my neck. This is an adjustment that every saxophonist should know how to do, but if not, your repair person can do this in a few minutes.
What benefits can you expect from a Ponzol neck? Years ago the testing department of high end saxophones chose a neck for each saxophone and some even had the serial number stamped on the neck. For example, during my time at Keilwerth, 1985-1993, all Modell Peter Ponzol saxophones came with a neck that I personally chose for that saxophone. No one does this today. You will find a more even resistance and a more even timbre together with an improvement in intonation, unless you are one of the lucky ones who got a great neck with their saxophone.
Ponzol necks are available only directly from me or your repair person. The price is $495.00, the same as it was ten years ago. That price includes s&h within the continental US. Foreign customers please contact me for shipping costs. Payment is by Paypal only. Returns are possible if the neck is returned in perfect condition within 10 days from shipping date. A restocking fee of 10% plus shipping costs will be deducted. If the cork needs to be replaced, a charge of $25 will also be deducted. Its been my experience that you will know if the neck is right for you within a few days.
I hope to have answered all the questions you might have but for special information please email me.
Best regards and many thanks for your support of Ponzol products since 1985,