1. Why are there no prices listed?

I do not sell my products directly. Dealers are free to make their own prices and these are easy to find online.

2. Can I buy directly from you?

Please go to my dealer page, Where To Buy,  to find a list of DEALERS. Ponzol products are distributed in the US by American Way Marketing and US Band and Orchestra/St. Louis Music. Any US dealer can order Ponzol products from these distributors.  Foreign customers please contact me by email pponzol@mindspring.com

3. Do you have a facility where your products can be tested?

No, again I am not in the retail business and have no place where musicians can come to try things. This is the function of a dealer.

4. Do you make special openings or mouthpieces not listed on the web page?

Everything currently available is on the web site. If you are looking for something that is not there, its not available. I do not offer custom work on mouthpieces.

5. I need a bite plate on a Ponzol mouthpiece replaced.

Bite plates on the new stainless steel and anodized mouthpieces can be replaced easily. I no longer have material to replace bite plates on the older brass mouthpieces.

6. Are the new mouthpieces the same as the old ones, only in a different metal?

No, while the model designations of some are the same, these are completely new mouthpieces. They have a darker, warmer sound with a stronger fundamental which is more in balance with the overtones. For example the new M2 has everything players liked about the old M1 and M2 together plus more. The Vintage is completely new and replaces the ML and II-V-I. The new alto is probably the best metal mouthpiece for alto I have ever played.