I am turning over the day to day business operations of Ponzol products to Dave and Terasa Hoskins of The Morgan Mouthpiece Company. Dave and Teresa are a longtime dealer of my products, and understand very  well all the different models. They have excellent technicians with many years of experience in mouthpiece making. The same craftsmen who have been making my mouthpieces for years will continue making them and once again all models will be available, stainless steel, aluminum, Delrin and hard rubber. The same hand work and testing that I have done will be carried on in the new facility. While I am doing a partial retirement, I will still be involved in quality control and the development of new models. This opportunity allows all Ponzol products to continue and gives me the freedom to do more playing and teaching.

Please contact Dave or Teresa at:

The new web site is up and running:

Dave and Teresa will be very active on social media, they can be contacted by phone and will have a shopping cart, all things I have never had the time for.

Thanks to everyone who supported my products since 1985 and I know you will be well served by Dave and Teresa.

Best wishes,